Heat sealers create a secure closure that can be perforated to produce an easy-to-open package.
 Unwrapping the benefits

Clear and clean-looking packaging is the winning trend in today’s market, especially if it includes tamper evidence that protects snacks and baked goods without adding bulky layers.

Flowwrapping bread offers advantages in product appearance while extending shelf life. Formost Fuji’s horizontal flowwrappers and box-motion sealer create clear seals on both sides of the loaf. Previously, machines fused several layers of material to create a seal that needed to be torn apart to be opened. Formost Fuji’s wrapper creates a transparent seamless look to the end of the package that’s easy to open.

“Bread bags are going to a clearer look, a cleaner look,” Mr. Gunnell said. “People want to see the product and feel good about what’s inside.”

Bettendorf Stanford’s zip-lock style bag with heat-seal tamper evidence offers a clean look and the benefit of easy resealability. Because the sealer trims away the excess material, products no longer have a bag tail or torn wicket holes.

In addition to benefits in product appearance, flowwrapping bread and snacks offer more secure tamper evidence and can limit cost by eliminating a bagging phase.

Mr. Kehrli said Cavanna’s horizontal flowwrappers create a package that not only extends shelf life but also offers tamper evidence and potential cost savings. He said flowwrapped bread has become more popular in Europe but is struggling to catch on in the United States.

Bagged bread remains king in the United States, and Burford’s tape closure system provides tamper evidence and resealability. To open the bag, the paper backing on the tape must be torn, but consumers can reuse the adhesive to close the bag again. Combined with the TEC200, this extra layer provides tamper evidence without overpackaging a product.

“With the taper, the easy thing about it is when you open it, you see that you’ve broken the paper seal, and you have the tape to reclose it,” Mr. Lindsey said. “The easy thing about the sealer is it’s perforated, and it just zips right off.”

Ultimately, bakers need to find the right solution that protects their products and offers peace of mind to consumers while still being easy to use.