The Guardian Oven Chain Management System from AMF extends the life of an oven chain and reduces lubrication costs.
RICHMOND, VA. — The U.S. Patent Office awarded AMF Bakery Systems (AMF) a patent for the Guardian Oven Chain Management System. The system monitors several important conditions of the oven chain, extending the life of the chain while reducing lubrication costs for traveling tray, tunnel and continuous ovens. It can be applied to continuous final proofers, product coolers, conveyors or other bakery equipment with long chain lengths.  

“Predictable lubrication can save tens of thousands of dollars per year in lubricant,” said Philip Domenicucci, thermal product manager, AMF.  “With proper maintenance, regular lubrication and cleaning, it is possible to have oven chains running for upwards of 30 years or more. Conversely, if a chain is poorly maintained the life span can be reduced to one to two years.”  

The oven chain is a critical part of a bakery’s operation, as a chain failure can result in both costly repairs and production downtime. AMF’s system allows bakery operators to determine thermal expansion of the chain, the power required to drive the chain, variations in chain tracking, tensioning pressure and distance, and hydraulic chain tensioning.