ADM and Mayo Clinic will design a computational method for testing probiotics, prebiotics and more.


Archer Daniels Midland Co. announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic in personalized nutrition. The company will work with Mayo Clinic’s Microbiome Program to investigate microbial solutions to improve health and wellness.

The goal of the collaboration is to develop a personalized nutrition model that predicts the effects of probiotics, prebiotics and other metabolites — as well as other nutrients in microbiome shifts — for improving individual health. In the initial phase, ADM and Mayo Clinic will work to design a computational method for testing probiotics, metabolites and other intervention strategies that promote the growth of gut microbes linked to healthy body weight.

 “We are pleased to enter into this cutting-edge collaboration with Mayo Clinic to study the association of specific probiotics, prebiotics and other nutrients with body weight,” said Vikram Luthar, president, ADM, Bioactives.

Mr. Luthar noted that ADM sees personalized nutrition as a growth opportunity for the company, and working with Mayo Clinic will help ADM produce effective health wellness solutions for consumers. 

Additional projects are planned to leverage both organizations’ strengths. Mayo Clinic will provide data analysis, modeling and gut microbiome expertise. ADM will bring expertise in food ingredients, strain development and genomics as well as commercialization capabilities.