Reactive maintenance creates inefficiencies and downtime in bakery operations.

Hoping to put some of the “E” back in A.S.B., the American Society of Baking (A.S.B.) will host the engineering workshop “How to get out of 'run to failure,'” which runs Oct. 25-26 in Chicago. 

Created in response to A.S.B. member feedback, the event will help bakery managers, operators and engineers understand what leads to reactive maintenance and provide them with the tools and insights to develop a preventive maintenance approach.

Rowdy Brixey, president, Brixey Engineering, Inc., and course instructor, said the interactive workshop will include open discussions, lectures and break-out group activities.

“There will be lots of experience sharing from me and attendees to develop action plans specific to their site before the end of day two,” Mr. Brixey said.

The course’s subject matter is based on Mr. Brixey’s 37 years of experience managing large plants and working at multiple levels within bakery operations. He believes the valuable topics and discussion had during the class will lead to realistic and actionable plans for reducing waste and unplanned downtime at facilities.

To learn more about the workshop and register, click here.