Colombus Craft Meats created a savory snack consumers can enjoy on-the-go.

Meat snacks, which are now outpacing potato chips in terms of sales growth, comprise the third largest category of salty snacks in the United States, according to research from Mintel. As Americans look for high-protein, satisfying items to get them through the day, they have more choices than ever when it comes to meat snacks, from flavor to format.

In addition to traditional meat sticks and jerky, there are several different types of meat snack products on the market, including meat snacks co-packed with other salty and high-protein products. The Oberto brand, based in Kent, Wash., has launched a line of trail mixes that combine beef, sweet beef or teriyaki chicken jerky with other ingredients such as nuts, seeds, fruits and even dark chocolate. The trail mixes are sold in a 2-oz bag that heralds the 12 grams of protein the product contains.

A line of meat snacks from Farmer’s Pantry, Westbury, N.Y., marries meat snacks with different types of ingredients. Varieties include BBQ’N Cornbread, with beef jerky and cornbread crisps, and Steak & Fries, with beef jerky and crisp french fries, among others. The snacks are packaged in a dual-pouch 2.5-oz bag separated by a seal that is broken when the product is opened.

The compartmentalized approach to packaging also is embraced by the Chicago-based Kraft Heinz Co., which offers a Planters P3 “portable protein pack” that includes a trio of premium-cut lean jerky, seeds and roasted Planters nuts in 1.8-oz triple-compartment package.

Those who like the pairing of meat and cheese, meanwhile, can satisfy their salty snack craving with new meat and cheese snack packs from Hayward, Calif.-based Columbus Craft Meats. The Paninos line features bite-sized rolls of salumi and cheese, including Genoa Salame and Mozzarella Cheese, Hot Sopressata and Mozzarella Cheese, Prosciutto and Mozzarella Cheese and Italian Dry Salame and Monterey Jack Cheese. Columbus Craft Meats has also rolled out Salame & Cheese Crisps, which combine salami and sourdough cheese crisps.

“People continue to replace traditional meals with snacks, and now we offer Columbus' delicious salami products in a snack size to enjoy while on-the-go," said Joe Ennen, chief executive officer, Columbus Craft Meats.