Slow dough

A growing interest in gut health has propelled probiotics to “mega-trend” status. More consumers are seeking less-processed, easier-to-digest foods, fueling a “frenzy for fermentation” and paving the way for pinsa, an ancient Roman style pizza.

Already popping up in cities including Brookyln and Seattle, pinsa is made using a flour blend with long fermentation periods.

“When dough is fermented, it gets bubblier, and the resulting crust is crispier, and it absorbs more water so you get fuller faster and eat less,” Ms. Moskow said. “And it’s crispy and airy and light and better for digestion. So when people eat pinsa as opposed to pizza, they report they don’t feel as bloated or sick, and it’s sort of predigested by the fermentation before it gets into the American belly.”

Sourdough is on the rise for similar reasons, she said.