Voices in Food Production symposium
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OMAHA, NEB. — Midwest Laboratories, Inc., provider of regulatory, governmental, commercial and consumer testing services, is hosting the “Voices in Food Production” symposium on Nov. 14.

Held at the Happy Hollow Country Club in Omaha, the inaugural event will bring together industry experts from across the Midwest to discuss the regulations affecting food and beverage companies and the steps they can take to remain compliant. Topics will include the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), nutrition labeling, allergens and shelf life.

Brent Pohlman, Midwest Laboratories
Brent Pohlman, president of Midwest Laboratories

“Many of our clients have voiced concerns about their companies’ need to be compliant with current regulatory requirements,” said Brent Pohlman, president of Midwest Laboratories. “As the food industry continues to evolve, we are continually seeking new ways to deliver quality, comprehensive information that empowers our clients to remain one step ahead, and we see the symposium as another way to do that.”

Speakers at the symposium include Michelle Wright, independent consultant in food regulation and labeling; Jane Caldwell Ph.D., assistant technical director for Midwest Laboratories; Julie Neuhalfen, independent consultant and food safety and quality specialist; and Cornelius Hugo Ph.D., food safety professional for AIB International.

“I am thrilled to participate in the ‘Voices in Food Production’ symposium,” said Ms. Wright, keynote speaker. “It’s important for food and beverage companies to be aware of upcoming nutrition labeling changes and impending requirements for food packaging. By coming together to share valuable insights, we can help companies remain compliant in today’s ever-changing food industry.” 

Learn more about the event and register here