Stonefire naan organic
Stonefire recently added organic varieties to its naan portfolio.

Naan demand heats up

Toronto-based Stonefire makes naan, appetizer-sized flatbread and pizza crust for retail deli and other customers. Brand new products in the naan category include organic naan and Naan Dippers, bite-size pieces of naan (about 20 per bag) packed in a 7-oz container, said Jim Gibson, vice-president of marketing and category development. Naan Dippers are best marketed in refrigerated deli cases near dips, with which they’re a natural fit, Mr. Gibson said.

Demand for Stonefire’s naan has been surging, and the company has added many other new products in the past two years, Mr. Gibson said.

“The conversion rates (for naan) are among the highest I’ve ever seen in my career,” he said. “People are looking for unique and different products.”

Stonefire naan dippers
Stonefire's new Naan Dippers are bite-size pieces of naan packed in a 7-oz container.

One thing that separates Stonefire from its competitors, Mr. Gibson said, is the company’s commitment to authentic production techniques. Stonefire uses a patented baking technology that replicates the conditions of a traditional tandoor oven, baking naan at temperatures exceeding 900 degrees. That produces a soft and bubbly texture that consumers love, he said.

And Stonefire’s naan isn’t just for dinner, Mr. Gibson said. It pairs well with breakfast items and goes great with chili, for example.

“Our whole objective is to inspire consumers for all uses, including dayparts,” he said.

Also new for Stonefire is its appetizer flatbread, introduced within the past year, Mr. Gibson said.

Stonefire flatbread
Stonefire introducecd appetizer flatbread within the past year.

“It took two years to develop to create the perfect bite,” he said.

The product’s rectangular shape is perfect for appetizers or as a base for homemade pizza.

All of Stonefire’s products are being marketed in new packaging, Mr. Gibson said. The redesigned packs better highlight the Stonefire brand and feature three to five usage ideas per pack that are heavy on visuals and light on text. That’s designed, Mr. Gibson said, for consumers who want ideas but aren’t interested in following a recipe word for word.

“We want it to be inspiring, not prescriptive,” he said.