Toufayan Bakeries organic naan
Toufayan Bakeries recently launched Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat versions of its popular pitas, wraps and smart pockets.

Healthier alternatives

Ridgefield, N.J.-based Toufayan Bakeries offers a variety of both traditional flatbreads and other products — pitas, wraps, naan, lavash — it also puts in the flatbread category, said Karen Toufayan, the company’s vice-president of sales and marketing.

Three varieties make up the traditional category: Wholesome Wheat, Hearty White and Corn and Jalapeño. All are hearth-baked and have 8 or 9 grams of protein and no cholesterol or trans fats. Toufayan Bakeries’ product mix has changed in recent years to reflect consumers’ different dietary requirements. Toufayan said.

“Over the past five years we have developed a range of ‘healthier’ versions of our traditional flatbreads, including gluten-free wraps in four flavors, organic pitas and wraps and even the only organic naan breads on the market,” she said.

Toufayan Bakeries organic sprouted pita, wraps
Toufayan now offers Organic Naan in traditional and garlic flavors.

In addition to health-related reasons, flatbreads are gaining market share, Ms. Toufayan said, as more consumers expand their horizons and experiment with foods they might not be as familiar with.

“We’re seeing a rise in flatbreads because they represent a change of pace to traditional breads and provide consumers with a unique taste and texture experience that is also convenient,” she said. “With the rise of the ‘international’ food experience, thanks to the internet, consumers want to experience diverse foods. Flatbreads provide a way to experience the foods of various ethnicities in a familiar, low-risk format.”

Toufayan Bakeries’ most recent additions to its flatbread product lineup include Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat versions of its popular pitas, wraps and smart pockets; and Organic Naan in traditional and garlic flavors.

A heavy investment in R.&D. and equipment has helped Toufayan Bakeries develop unique products like its gluten-free line, separating it from its competitors, Ms. Toufayan said. Another differentiator, she said, is the company’s commitment to freshness. In addition to its Ridgefield headquarters, Toufayan Bakeries has bakeries in two Florida cities, Orlando and Plant City, to ensure that products get on retail shelves quickly.