Stoneridge Orchard cherry concentrate
Stoneridge Orchards cherry juice concentrate is a liquid twist on the brand’s popular dried Montmorency cherries.

Additional ingredient innovation

Offering varied fruits in juice form is trending. Royal Ridge Fruit, Seattle, a dried fruit manufacturer, entered the juice category with its Stoneridge Orchards brand. The first product in the line is tart cherry juice concentrate, a liquid twist on the brand’s popular dried Montmorency cherries.

The Montmorency tart cherry, grown largely in the United States and Canada, is abundant in anthocyanins, the natural flavonoid compounds that contribute to the ruby-red color and distinctive sour-sweet taste. The fruit has become the source of more than 50 studies supporting varied health and wellness qualities. Its most well-recognized benefit is as an anti-inflammatory agent. It has been shown to assist with general pain relief, reducing muscle soreness after exercise and easing arthritic or gout pain.

Through the presence of melatonin, a human sleep regulating hormone, tart cherries also have gained notoriety as a natural sleep aid. In addition, as a concentrated source of vitamin C, tart cherries serve as a natural immune system regulator.

Each bottle of the tart cherry juice concentrate contains up to 1,000 individual cherries, providing a rich source of the fruit’s natural nutrients. All ingredients in the drink are natural, non-G.M.O. and gluten-free.

Ocean Spray organic juices
Ocean Spray has been busy keeping cranberry relevant to consumers.

Longtime juice category player Ocean Spray, Middleborough, Mass., has been busy keeping cranberry relevant to consumers with three new beverage lines. The Ocean Spray Organic 100% Juice Blends line has no added sugars and comes in cranberry, cranberry apple and cranberry blueberry flavors. There’s also Ocean Spray Pure Cranberry (Unsweetened) 100% Juice. It contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors and is non-G.M.O. A one-liter bottle provides the health benefits from the juice of more than 900 cranberries.

Ocean Spray Mocktails, a line of premium non-alcoholic juice drinks inspired by favorite cocktails, comes in three varieties: Cranberry Peach Bellini, Cranberry Sangria and Tropical Citrus Paradise. With 90 calories or less per serving, and no high-fructose corn syrup or preservatives, they are a healthful alternative to their alcohol-containing counterparts.

At Anuga 2017, which took place Oct. 7-11 in Cologne, Germany, exhibitors in the two beverage halls showcased their fair share of juice innovations. An Anuga taste Innovation Show winner was Slovakia-based Divas Drink International, which received accolades for its Herbal Tea Infusion line. The herbal tea and fruit infusions contain no added sugar, preservatives or colorants. There are three different functional formulations with varying effects. Stay Fit (rosehip, plum and hibiscus) is designed to protect and build immunity. Wake Up (matcha, pear and lemongrass) is for a natural energy kick. Keep Calm (rooibos, raspberry and melissa) is said to help comfort the nerves.

The company also showcased a line of functional Hydrate drinks made from melon juices, other fruit juices and with added hyaluronic acid. The three varieties are: cantaloupe with mango, honeydew with pear, and watermelon with raspberry.

Aloe Love iced tea
Aloe Love Iced Tea contains aloe vera juice and gel, along with fruit juice and green tea extract.

From the Modello Group in Greece comes Aloe Love Iced Tea in three flavors: dragon fruit, passion fruit and pomegranate. They contain aloe vera juice and gel, along with fruit juice and green tea extract.

Though not based on fruit juice, rather an extract of a flower, new Rose Diamond drink from Philicon of Bulgaria, deserves recognition for its premium stature. The exquisite drink is made from the oil of Bulgaria-grown roses and may be consumed alone or used as a mixer, possibly with champagne. The unique glass bottle comes in an upscale package, positioning it as a gift.