Grain School
The three-day Grain School course on heritage grains will take place at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. — The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance (R.M.S.A.) has teamed up with the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (U.C.C.S.) to offer Grain School. The three-day event will be held Jan. 12-14 at the U.C.C.S. campus to train and empower participants to grow, mill, bake and brew heritage grains in their communities.

The course will be taught by R.M.S.A.’s Bill McDorman alongside Margaret Harris, Ph.D., M.S., (U.C.C.S. Department of Health Sciences); Janel Owens, Ph.D. (U.C.C.S. Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry); Lee DeHaan, lead scientist, Intermediate Wheatgrass Program (The Land Institute); Michael Brownlee, author, co-founder of Local Food Shift; Ben Butler, Hayden Flour Mills; Jacob Cowgill, Prairie Heritage Farm; and other special guests and experts in local grain farming, milling, and baking.

The curriculum will cover a range of topics, including the history of land-race grains, crop breeding, nutritional and health issues with gluten and glyphosate, baking and fermentation, small craft brewing and small-scale production techniques.

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