David Nairn, managing director, Burts Chips, believes the acquisition will help expand the company's better-for-you business.

PLYMOUTH, U.K. — Burts Potato Chips will acquire Savoury & Sweet Ltd., which produces popcorn snacks in Leicester, U.K. The merger will create one premium snacking company under the Burt’s name.

Plymouth-based Burts believes the business will help it become a leading premium snack company. It currently offers potato chips, Lentil Waves and Quinoa Crinkles. Burts plans to expand its better-for-you business in 2018 under the banner of Burts Snacks, allowing it to create additional jobs and triple production output at its Leicester plant.

“The Burts business has grown significantly over the last five years, from $15.4 million (£11.4 million) in 2013 to an anticipated $50 million (£37 million), post-acquisition, for 2017,” said David Nairn, managing director, Burts. “While impressive, our ambition is to drive the business to more than $135 million (£100 million) in the next five years to become the U.K.’s biggest player within premium snacking.”

Burts has invested more than $16 million (£12 million) over the last five years to increase potato frying capacity to 200 tonnes a week and accelerate the growth of its nutritious snacking products.

“This is an exciting time for everyone working at Burts and Savoury & Sweet,” Mr. Nairn added. “New product development is high on our agenda, and we are looking forward to bringing new and exciting innovation that will challenge the current U.K. snack market.”