The new packaging for Heritage Flakes (right) highlights the cereal's ingredients.

RICHMOND, B.C. — Nature’s Path has introduced new packaging designs for its range of organic snacks and cereals. The new look brings its products up-to-date with transparent messaging and bold designs that can catch consumers’ attention.

To give shoppers a better idea of what to expect after a purchase, the new front-of-pack imagery will showcase a picture of the product while the back will offer an improved product description, outline the benefits of choosing certified organic and non-G.M.O. items and tell the company’s origin story.

The new EnviroKidz packaging (right) emphasizes the health benefits of the cereal.

“We want our packaging to stand out and reflect how Nature’s Path is different from your standard, cereal and breakfast company,” said Arjan Stephens, executive vice-president at Nature’s Path. “We’re different, we’re independent, family owned and from day one — more than 32 years ago — always organic. We want this message to literally jump off the shelves.”

To roll out the new packaging, the company will implement a sustainable flow-through approach, which involves replacing old packages as items are sold. This results in a zero-write-off brand refresh, ensuring products don’t go to waste.

The company’s EnviroKidz line also is receiving an update. It will feature designs of animals and a more integrated logo that aligns with the Nature’s Path revamp. The packaging will detail health information for parents and facts about the environment for children.