In the cookie and cracker categories, which are dominated by some of the biggest companies in the baking and snack industries, AbiMar Foods needs to be nimble and flexible while carving out a niche it can call its own.

The company’s Lil’ Dutch Maid and Tru-Blu brands target consumers who are looking for bang for their buck. “They are quality cookies,” said Patricia Canal, AbiMar’s CEO. “They’re tasty cookies at an affordable price.”

Tru-Blu, she added, positions itself as a traditional brand that’s especially popular in California. “We constantly get a lot of emails and requests from our websites from people asking, ‘Where can we get Tru-Blu?’ ”

Private label accounts for 30% of AbiMar’s business that provides much needed volume to its lines. “We try to be very exclusive,” Ms. Canal explained.

“It’s not something we offer to everybody and anybody. We do it where it makes sense and where it adds value to our business.”