Marcus Mariathas, ACE Bakery’s director of product development, master baker and a member of the Canadian national team that competed in the 2011 Lesaffre Cup (Bakery World Cup), explained another reason why the company’s new Gaffney, SC, bakery mirrors the one it operates at Vaughan, ON.

“We want to make the same bread, the same loaf, the same product here that we do at every other ACE Bakery location,” he said. “We want to be sure the customer sees no difference. It has to be the same quality, look, crust and eating characteristics.”

This need characterized the search and selection of technology by Toronto-based ACE. “We always measure ourselves against our original artisan specs,” said Brian Sisson, vice-president, operations. “Otherwise, you drift away. We don’t compromise on flavor, texture, browning and visual aspects.”

Make no mistake. This company carries forward the passion of its founders. “And the passion is for the product,” said Lee Andrews, ACE Bakery’s president. “We keep our products as authentic as possible. Our products are noticeably different.”

Managers express the legacy in another way, too. “Please note that we call these facilities ‘bakeries,’ not ‘plants,’ ” Mr. Andrews emphasized.