Keeping staffers at J.S.B. Industries, Chelsea and Lawrence, MA, up to date on their skills involves continual training efforts. And increasingly, the training takes place via the Internet.

The company’s corporate trainer takes every new hire through video instruction in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), food and employee safety, and a variety of similar programs. Then, the new staff member shadows a supervisor for a week to learn daily tasks on the job.

The Anderson family recently gave Roger Piffer, J.S.B.’s e-commerce marketing director, a new assignment: to create a TV channel on the Web with company videos. “These are for the employees to watch,” he explained. “We monitor their use of these materials, which are offered in multiple languages, including Spanish and Portuguese.”

He is exploring use of mobile apps that run on smartphones and tablets.

“We are constantly training,” Mr. Piffer said. “The more videos available, the better the training, and the better the products that we provide our customers.”