Like most food industry projects, Nashville Bun Company took sustainability into account when expanding.

“In particular, one of the criteria for the oven was that it was energy-efficient,” said Cordia Harrington, CEO, Tennessee Bun Company, Nashville, TN. She reported that gas and electric usage for the Den Boer impingement oven is significantly less than that of any other oven in the company’s production processes.

To save on long-term energy costs, the company chose air exchange methods instead of refrigeration for the enclosed spiral cooler on the biscuit line.

During layout and design phases, the team met with all departments to discuss sustainability matters. “QA and sanitation departments were involved with design so decisions could be made on the front end,” Ms. Harrington said. Follow-up included modifications to different pieces of equipment and the building to help cleaning and to meet British Retail Consortium (BRC) guidelines. BRC standards drive sustainability efforts worldwide.