At J&J Snack Foods, soft pretzels come in every shape and size. On its most versatile line No. 4 in the Pennsauken, NJ, facility, J&J can create pretzels shaped in an array of customized images including team mascots, logos, jack-o’-lantern patterns for Halloween, smiley faces, dinosaurs, stars, hearts the list goes on and on — for its foodservice customers.

“So many of our entertainment customers want signature pretzels,” said Tom Weber, senior vice-president.

Available in sizes ranging from 0.5-oz bites to 24-oz “Texan” portions, pretzels also come in a variety of doughs, including SUPERPRETZEL dough, Bavarian-branded dough, 51% whole wheat items and sweet dough, as well as hot dog and filled pretzel varieties. Most recently, the company rolled out its SUPERPRETZEL Sweet Cinnamon for the retail channel.

“SUPERPRETZEL competes very well with other hot snack and appetizer competitors,” noted Alissa Davis, marketing director, retail.

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