During its storied, 106-year history, Schwebel Baking Co. has only had five presidents, including founder Joseph Schwebel, his wife Dora, their son Irving and grandson Joe. When Joe Schwebel passed away earlier this year, his brother, Paul, quietly took over as head of the family bakery, based in Youngstown, OH.

Paul joined the company in 1968 after graduating from Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and major in accounting. Because of his background, he worked with his aunt, Frances Solomon, who trained him on the administration side of the business.

One of his fondest memories is working with his father, Irving. “I spent an awful lot of time with my dad, and I learned from my father the engineering side of the business,” Paul said.

When his brother became president in 1984, Paul served as executive vice-president and oversaw administration and manufacturing. With his brother guiding sales, the two served as a team, brainstorming and bouncing ideas off each other. “It was just natural,” he said. “He took care of one side, and I took care of the other, and it worked out great.”