Plans for more bakeries

Mr. Hamade suggested the Indianapolis operation provides a strategic platform that can be “scaled up” as the business evolves. “That includes our goal to have multiple plants, acquiring new customers, entering new categories and looking for strategic acquisitions that will fuel our growth along the way,” he explained.

He added that the management team’s broad experience allows Specialty Bakery to adeptly provide a broad range of bakery solutions for the market. Moreover, as the new kid on the block, the company isn’t hampered by any legacy issues.

“This facility is mainly set up to be a frozen bakery, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t consider building a fresh bakery with the right opportunity,” Mr. Hamade suggested. “Our core business is foodservice, but we see in-store bakeries and even convenience stores as an extension of our eventual customer base. I wouldn’t even rule out the center aisle, but that’s just part of our evolution.”

The focus, he emphasized, is strictly on the baking industry. “We’re not going to do ice cream or potato chips because we want to leverage our core competency in bakery to drive value for our customers,” Mr. Hamade explained. “It really starts by establishing the right partnerships with our customers and helping them respond to opportunities and meet their long-term goals.”

That’s the foundation for creating something truly special.

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