Canada Bread’s new bakery at Hamilton, ON, plays an important role in the plans of its parent company, Maple Leaf Foods, Toronto, ON. “It’s one of many initiatives,” said Michael McCain, president and CEO, Maple Leaf Foods, and chairman, Canada Bread Co.

In 2010, Maple Leaf Foods, a public company, announced allocation of nearly CA$1.3 billion for various capital investment projects with CA$775 million going to new spending through 2013 and CA$515 for maintenance capital. Those projects included the double shifting of its hog slaughtering plant at Brandon, MB, which consolidated output from smaller-scale facilities.

Hamilton was the next project.

“And the third is the large-scale construction of a processed meat facility to commence in 2012,” Mr. McCain reported. Its location at Hamilton was announced Oct. 19.

“At the end of the day, the Hamilton bakery is part of the same blueprint of investing in scale of technology in our supply chain to ensure that we can compete in the North American food industry,” Mr. McCain said.