The Food Safety Modernization Act (F.S.M.A.) is not yet an enforceable law. The food industry still awaits the rulemaking process at the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) to work its way to completion. Anticipation, however, is already running high.

Bakers, formulators and everyone else from ingredient to store shelf have long been dealing with questions and hurdles presented by F.S.M.A. One of the biggest? How to deal with the coming onslaught of paperwork and records that will be required by the new rules.

An illustration: Dan Herzog, vice-president of corporate compliance of food safety at Gonnella Baking Co., Schaumburg, Ill., had some thoughts he wanted to share on this subject with Baking & Snack’s Ryan Atkinson.

“We are currently meeting with a training group specifically to help reduce the work and paper load expected from F.S.M.A.,” he said. “We’re anticipating and experiencing already the ripple effect of the F.S.M.A. documentation increase,” Mr. Herzog noted. “It equates to a lot of work. We’re investing in our future.”

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