You just need to google Dave’s Killer Bread to get the story of the man and the brand. Dave Dahl was a felon who, upon getting out of prison, developed his “killer” organic bread about a decade ago. But Dave Dahl is human and had a few more problems recently (google his name for details).

So, how do his problems affect the brand? John Tucker, chief executive officer of the Milwaukie, Ore.-based bakery, said the brand is far bigger than one person. It’s about the organization — one-third of its staff are ex-cons — and giving people a second chance.

On social media, Dave’s has become a lifestyle brand. It’s about getting its fans — a nation of 100,000 BreadHeads, as its loyal disciples describe themselves — to sign up to get G.M.O. labeling on Oregon’s November ballot, for example. It’s about featuring its employee partners on Facebook. It’s Sandwich Madness (a meat vs. vegetarian bracket-style contest held during basketball’s March Madness) and other social media interactions. The company also holds real-world store demos and actively samples at community events.

Its strategy for success is not only word-of-mouth but also getting its bread into people’s mouths.