Operating today’s complex cookie and cracker bakeries takes a lot of product and process knowledge. Yet often busy plants can’t spare the time to send their supervisors to class.

The Biscuit & Cracker Manufacturers’ Association (B.&C.M.A.) decided to step into the breach. At this spring’s annual technical conference, Stacey Sharpless, president of the B.&C.M.A., introduced the group’s Intermediate Training Course. Ms. Sharpless encouraged managers to participate, too, especially those who’ve come to the cookie-cracker field from other industries. Allied personnel will benefit as well.

The new program will supplement the entry-level course already available and can serve as preparation for B.&C.M.A.’s popular and well-respected correspondence course. The course also has strong interactive elements and incorporates on-line programs to supplement its content. This is a much-needed program for an industry looking to rebuild its skilled labor force.