Since splitting from Kraft Foods in October, Mondel?z International has begun to put the pedal to the metal and, in a very short time, has driven the fastest growth at the former Nabisco snack business in more than a decade, said Cynthia Waggoner, vice-president of snacks and confections, North American Operations.

Speaking at the recent Biscuit & Cracker Manufacturers’ Association Technical Conference in Kansas City, Ms. Waggoner described how Mondel?z is transforming itself from a manufacturing organization into an integrated supply chain, which involves interconnecting all operations, standardizing procedures and actively monitoring performance on a weekly basis. It also means standardizing equipment.

Really? Currently, the equipment on its production lines that make the same iconic products in North America is different at its 18 facilities. However, that may change on a global basis.

“Instead of buying one line for one country, we’ll buy lines for all countries,” she said.

Mondel?z’s goal to become a world-class operation in five to seven years also could have major ramifications for many suppliers to the industry as well.