Throughout his 41-year career, Gary Prince, previous chief executive officer of Bimbo Bakeries USA, has left his mark on many people’s lives. But who has had an effect on him? Mr. Prince said Galen Weston, currently executive chairman of Toronto-based George Weston Ltd., and Dick Currie, former president of George Weston, had profound impacts on his life. More recently, Daniel Servitje, current chairman and c.e.o. of Grupo Bimbo, Mexico City, was also an important factor.

“They had a strong belief in people, and I was blessed to be surrounded by strong leaders — both whom I reported to and the people I worked with day to day,” Mr. Prince said.

Several industry leaders share a similar respect for Mr. Prince as well. Fred Penny, who worked alongside Mr. Prince for 13 years and is B.B.U.’s current president, had high praise for his peer.

“His leadership, mentorship and deep dedication to the baking industry have set an extraordinary standard for me and others who will follow to aspire to,” he said in a letter supporting Mr. Prince’s nomination.

John Paterakis, president of H&S Bakery, and a 2007 Baking Hall of Fame inductee, recalled his long professional history with Mr. Prince, whom he recommended on behalf of the Paterakis family. Mr. Paterakis mentioned how Mr. Prince resurrected Stroehmann, turned George Weston Bakeries into an industry giant and transformed B.B.U. into a major presence in baking. In assessing Mr. Prince, Mr. Paterakis probably gave him the best compliment for anyone in this industry.

“I think bread is in his blood,” he said.

Find out more in the February issue of Baking & Snack magazine, where Mr. Prince reflects on his career and being inducted into the 2015 Baking Hall of Fame.