When it comes to dieting, consumers continue to speak from both sides of their mouth. Call it the quinoa and cronut syndrome.

Americans talk big about health and wellness, and in fact, a greater number of people are practicing what they preach. The popularity of ancient grains and sprouted bread remains as strong as ever. Even 7-Eleven is testing quinoa salad and kale juice in some stores. Okay, it’s in Los Angeles and geared toward P-90X followers and those who regularly surf beachbody.com.

At the same time, the increased tendency toward snacking and inter-meal consumption reflects how many people also are searching for immediate-consumption foods that provide instantaneous satisfaction. How else do you explain the market for croissants, which continues to be strong, according to several bakers who have been expanding production and investing in their operations to keep up with demand, especially in the in-store bakery and food service channels?

Did it really surprise anyone when Dunkin’ Donuts reported recently that its Croissant Donut, launched in November, quickly became one of its all-time, best-selling limited-time offers in the chain’s history? In 2015, look for the trend not to be “health and wellness,” but rather, “health and indulgence.”

That’s what you’ll be hearing from consumers, as long as they’re not talking with their mouths full.