Earlier this month marked the start of the 93rd year since Milling & Baking News was first published. It was the forty-eight hundredth consecutive week in which this magazine (or its predecessor Southwestern Miller or sister Food Business News) have been written, printed and distributed to grain-based foods executives.

This extraordinary track record of service and success in publishing is a source of pride for the company’s owners and staff, especially for its long time editor-in-chief, Morton I. Sosland. Notwithstanding this title, Mr. Sosland has been actively involved in every aspect of the publication of Milling & Baking News for most of its history — roughly 3,500 of the 4,800 issues published to date.

In recent months, Mr. Sosland has remained deeply engaged in the industry’s issues even as he approaches the start of his ninetieth year. In fact, he rewrote this issue’s editorial at mid-week (they are typically prepared weeks and even months in advance) in response to late breaking news of monumental importance. The annual milestone, publishing the first issues of Volume 93, offers a special opportunity to express gratitude to our long-time leader and guiding force. He shines as a brilliant spokesperson for an industry that remains a cornerstone of American success. We state with certainty that the pride we take in our association with Morton I. Sosland is deeply shared among the legions of industry executives who have been dedicated readers of this publication for so many years.