In the “new age” organic bread category, competition is heating up. Seriously so.

Just as Dave’s Killer Bread (D.K.B.), previously a niche, regional player in baking, has moved to dramatically broaden distribution across much of the United States, Bimbo Bakeries USA is entering the fray with its Eureka! Organic Bread brand for which B.B.U. filed a trademark in 2012. Judging by the look of Eureka!, Bimbo seems intent on going head to head with D.K.B. with its lineup of organic wheat and heavily seeded breads.

B.B.U’s Eureka! line is certified vegan, U.S.D.A. organic and contains nothing artificial. Even the variety names hit at the intensity of the mounting competition. The initial line for Eureka! included Grainiac, Saaa-Wheat and Seeds the Day in 18-oz. packages that feature a California dude-ish looking Archimedes of ancient Greece wearing a pair of sunglasses.

With both companies touting their products on Facebook and Twitter, the competition is whether the California-based Eureka! or Oregon-sited D.K.B. will lure the often-stereotyped young, healthy “I’m so active” millennials and aging, wellness and “keep me alive” baby boomers to buy their products. Sorry, Gen-X. Pundits say you’re just grumpy.

That said, no matter if you’re Staying Alive, disenfranchised or a Bieber believer, check out the web sites to see how these two companies are going at it in the bread category. In many ways, it looks like David and Goliath, but the outcome is not set in stone.