Enzyme suppliers and users anticipate continuing improvements in enzyme choices. “In lipase, we expect a new generation, and the second generation of xylanases is now available to help with cost efficiencies and performance, as well as shelf life extension” said Jan van Eijk, PhD, bakery research director, Lallemand Baking Solutions, Montreal, QC.

Another enzyme coming down the pike is amyloglucosidase, which improves crust color in bread and reduces baking time for increased sustainability, said Anders Espe Kristensen, business development and marketing director, Novozymes A/S Bagsvaerd, Denmark.

Currently available products still offer plenty of opportunities, and their full potential has not yet been reached, according to Merna Legel, vice-president, Lallemand Baking Solutions, Addison, IL. Looking at what’s next, especially with oxidants and emulsifiers, she predicted, “Proactive employment of enzymes can deal with future concerns, threats and/or preempting regulatory action.”

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