With 11 projects on this year’s construction report, Ohio is the epicenter of construction activity in the baking and snack industry. Total investment for the Ohio projects tops $173 million, which is rivaled only by that of North Carolina, which has a total investment of $169 million for the five construction projects listed in that state.

Several other Southeastern states also reported a lot of activity. This year’s report lists five projects in Georgia, including three new construction projects that add more than 310,000 sq ft of new buildings. Also, both Tennessee and Kentucky have four projects on this year’s list. Kentucky’s projects add up to an investment of $112 million, while those of Tennessee calculated to a little more than $100 million.

Several other Midwestern states reported a good deal of construction. Illinois featured six projects, including a new 262,000-sq-ft production and distribution plant in Crest Hill, a southwest suburb of Chicago. Santa Ana, CA-based Goglanian Bakeries, Inc. signed a 15-year lease for the facility, where it will make flatbreads and pizza crusts. Michigan and Indiana both have four construction projects listed this year, and while Kansas has just two projects listed, their total investment amounts to $83 million.

Surprisingly, not a lot of construction activity in the industry is concentrated in California. In fact, only two projects from California are listed in this year’s report.

Overall, the total investment of the 95 construction projects on this year’s list adds to more than $1.5 billion. These bakery and snack manufacturing facilities also account for nearly 5.2 million sq ft of new floor space and will generate more than 3,900 new jobs. And that’s just adding up the numbers listed in the complete report. In many cases, companies do not release these details for their new construction or expansion projects.