A conversation about quality buns and rolls cannot be had without including the idea of fresh. Consumers associate freshness with better-for-you and higher-quality products, whether that correlation exists or not. “[Consumers] feel good about eating something that’s fresh,” said Giancarlo Turano II, frozen retail manager, Turano Baking Co., Berwyn, IL. “The easiest way to provide a fresh product at food service and retail is to bring in par-baked bread.”

Par-baked or frozen dough enables food service outlets to provide fresh-from-the-oven buns and rolls. Mr. Turano has seen resurgence in par-baked bun sales at food service and in-store bakeries, which he attributed to consumers’ perception of fresh. The sensory power of aroma and the feel of warm bread draw people in and keep them coming back.

Jesse Amoroso, director of business development, Amoroso’s Baking Co., Philadelphia, PA, said he has observed a growing number of in-store bakeries and sandwich programs popping up in outlets such as convenience stores. These new programs can expand the customer base for wholesale bakers in the par-baked or frozen dough game.