Michael Elenz likes to be busy. As if his duties as vice-president of manufacturing, Schwebel Baking Co., Youngstown, OH, weren’t arduous enough, the baking industry veteran took on more responsibilities last year by becoming the 2012-13 chairman of the American Society of Baking (ASB).

Mr. Elenz’s first experience with ASB was in 1997, when Schwebel’s John Phillips, then plant manager at the Hebron, OH, facility, was chairman. Pat Shannon, son of Mr. Elenz’ boss, Tom Shannon — who was vice-president, manufacturing, at the time — was program chairman. Pat worked for Caravan Ingredients in technical support and sales. “I received a call saying, ‘I understand you want to give a paper this year,’ ” Mr. Elenz recalled. “I said, ‘Well, I guess so.’ ”

After delivering his paper, “QC on the Run,” Mr. Elenz was hooked. He said he still gives the paper to some of the company’s new supervisors because it remains relevant today.

Passionate about the industry that has enabled him to raise four children, Mr. Elenz is committed to furthering baking education for future generations. “I want to leave the society better for the upcoming young people,” he said. “Trying to get young bakers, young professionals involved in the industry; developing people so they can advance through their career.”