When considering pies for Thanksgiving dinner, most Americans rely on old standbys such as pumpkin, pecan and sweet potato pie. But Achatz Homemade Pie Co., Chesterfield, MI, decided to reinvent the Thanksgiving pie by combining all the ingredients for the traditional turkey dinner into a single untraditional savory pie.

“It’s like Thanksgiving dinner wrapped up in a pie,” said Wendy Achatz who co-owns the company with her husband, Dave. Thanksgiving dinner isn’t the only savory pie Achatz Homemade Pie Co. has up its sleeve. Alongside its sweet pies, the bakery produces a whole line of savory pot pies including beef, chicken, seafood, spinach and vegetarian plus other savory options. Just like the company’s sweet pies, the pot pies come in a handheld single-serving size, and the company says it uses the same philosophy of high-quality, all-natural ingredients when approaching its savory pot pies as well.