Perhaps the best way to describe AIB International’s one-week All About Baking seminar is that it’s true to its name. The seminar will be held twice this year, the first slated for March 11-15 at AIB’s School of Baking at Manhattan, KS.

All About Baking provides a broad overview to the ingredients and processes related to the modern wholesale baking industry. Participants spend mornings in a classroom setting learning about flour, formulations, dough systems and processing steps for making breads, cakes, sweet goods, donuts and tortillas. Then, afternoons are spent in AIB’s well-equipped baking labs where they produce pan and hearth breads, flour tortillas, cinnamon rolls, batter cakes cake and yeast-raised donuts and coffee cakes using the ingredients and methods common in industrial bakeries. Attendees will also learn to evaluate and score those products they made in the baking labs.

All About Baking serves as an ideal orientation into the science and art of baking and is designed for people who are new to or taking on new roles in the industry. Research and development, quality assurance and nonproduction employees of bakeries can attend, as well as those individuals from allied industries such as ingredient suppliers and equipment manufacturers.

Participants develop an appreciation for the baker’s job and problems while learning the industry’s vocabulary.

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