In 2011, 166,000 attendees descended upon 2,700 exhibitors from 60 nations in Düsseldorf, Germany, for interpack 2011, one of the most successful events of the show’s history, according to show organizer Messe Düsseldorf, with US headquarters in Chicago. In 2014, the packaging trade show continues the components that made 2011 so successful: Innovationparc Packaging and Metal Packaging Plaza.

“The elaborately planned and organized special themes have now become a hallmark of interpack and attracted much acclaim,” said Bernd Jablonowski, interpack director. “We shall therefore continue to do all we can to carefully prepare forward-looking topics with our partners from industry and present them visually and thematically to the highest standards.” 

Innovationparc Packaging serves as a place where exhibitors can show off their packaging concepts of the future. In 2011, the theme was Quality of Life and addressed consumer behavior. In 2014, this special arena of interpack will turn to the Save Food initiative. The Save Food initiative is a cooperation between the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization and Messe Düsseldorf dedicated to addressing the problem of global food loss. At interpack 2014’s Innovationparc Packaging, packaging designers and the industry will present ideas and solutions to help reduce food loss.

In the coming year, Metal Packaging Plaza will continue to provide a meeting place specifically for the international metal packaging marketplace. With 40 companies exhibiting in the plaza in 2011, show organizers said companies that did not exhibit in the plaza have already shown interest in moving in for 2014.

Next year’s interpack takes place May 8-14, in Düsseldorf, Germany. One addition is Components for Processing and Packaging, a trade show within a trade show. For the first three days of interpack 2014, Components for Processing and Packaging co-locates with interpack and provides packaging equipment suppliers an opportunity to exhibit their wares.

Beyond what’s new, bakers can continue to find solutions to their packaging needs whether it’s packaging materials, means or production machinery. This is the baking industry’s opportunity to network with the international packaging world.

For more information on interpack 2014, visit www.interpack.comfor a list of exhibitors, the latest in show planning news and registration information.