American palates are growing up, and to keep up, the food industry is experimenting with new flavor combinations and inspiration from around the world.

Multiculturalism brings flavors and products previously untapped into the baking industry. While tiramisu has long been a popular dessert in the US, new items on the menu include telera and bolillo rolls, according to the Nielsen Perishables Group, as reported in IDDBA’s report What’s in Store 2014.

The recent phenomenon of combining sweet and salty flavors together has become a go-to way for bakers to revamp classic desserts and breakfast items. “We’ve been seeing that in the snack aisle with chocolate-coated pretzels and caramel corn,” said Mark Van Iwaarden, director of marketing for Legendary Baking. “Salty and sweet together is a hot trend now.” Common flavor themes invading premium sweet goods include salted caramel and any taste combination that includes bacon.

Bakers can even find some flavor inspiration in other areas of the food and beverage industries. Sweet goods can feature their own spin on s’mores, espresso, lemonade and alcoholic beverages.