Crackers and hummus — it’s the perfect partnership. That’s what Mediterranean Snacks, Boonton, NJ, discovered about its Lentil Crackers, which led to the development of tapaz2go. The company saw an opportunity to expand its legume-based product line of Baked Lentil Chips, Lentil Crackers and Hummuz Crispz to include a mini-meal snack, tapaz2go.

“We recognized that our Lentil Crackers pair perfectly with hummus and saw the opportunity to create a product that captures key consumer trends such as increased snacking occasions, eating small meals and the popularity of tapas,” said Lonnie Williard, vice-president of marketing for Mediterranean Snacks. The tapaz2go products combine Mediterranean Snacks’ Sea Salt Lentil Crackers with shelf-stable hummus in a convenient single-serve package that can act as a serving tray.

The development of tapaz2go took into account several consumer trends. Americans now eat more snacks and smaller meals. Protein-rich foods are growing in popularity, and consumers look for nutritious snacks that fit in their busy lifestyles. Mediterranean Snacks also wanted to tap into interest in global culinary trends, hence the tapas theme.

The portability and shelf stability of tapaz2go along with its health profile give the snacks broad consumer appeal. Busy moms, commuters and consumers with active lifestyles can take advantage of the compact ambient food. Consumers concerned about health such as baby boomers, those interested in weight management or parents wanting a healthy snack for their kids can appreciate how the new snack’s 250 Cal — or less — pack in 7 g protein, qualifying tapaz2go as a “good source” of protein.

“Since tapaz2go is shelf stable and can be stored at room temperature, it is a perfect on-the-go snack solution for people who want to fit healthy, smart snacking into busy lives,” Ms. Williard said. “The unique packaging makes it a snap to enjoy while traveling, hiking, in the car or anywhere. When the box is flipped over after opening, it becomes a serving tray, making it an engaging snack experience for the consumer.”

Mediterranean Snacks introduced tapaz2go at the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association trade show in June. The product is available at major retailers nationwide as well as on Amazon. The 3.6-oz portable package retails between $2.99 and $3.49. The hummus is available in three varieties: Classic, Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper. Mediterranean Snacks narrowed the flavors down to these three based on the most popular hummus flavors in the marketplace. Ms. Williard said the company has already begun testing new flavors for the future.  

By combining two simple products into one snack, Mediterranean Snacks not only expanded its product line into the realm of the mini-meal but also addressed several consumer demands in one convenient package.