Eye-catching color and sparkling effects enhance the appearance of glazed and powdered sugar-coated cake donuts when sprinkled with Edible Glitter from Watson, Inc.

The ultra-thin, lightweight flakes adhere easily to the surface. “Other types of sprinkles would not be able to stick to a powdered sugar donut or even a lightly glazed donut,” explained Moira Watson, the company’s vice-president, marketing and communications. “Typically, traditional sprinkles need to be applied to a thick layer of fresh icing or frosting to adhere properly.” Even 24 hours after glazing, Edible Glitter still adheres readily, allowing it to be applied at the time of purchase.

These toppings — available in many colors, including metallic — impart minimal mouthfeel. “This may be preferred by consumers who like the soft texture of a donut but not necessarily the hard crunch of a traditional sprinkle or candy topping,” Ms. Watson said.

Edible Glitter contains no sugar or hydrogenated vegetable oils, making it label-friendly.

Coverage is enhanced and economical because of its light weight, achieved by the company’s cast film technology. The glitter covers up to 20 times the amount of donuts compared with traditional toppings. The company estimated cost savings at 30%.