With the 2200M Smart Servo Twist Tyer, Burford Corp. noted it delivers a sought-after closure at a low cost per package.
“The 2200M continues along the proven path of Burford Twist Tyers,” said Clay Miller, sales engineer. “With new modifications to improve how this latest servo tyer handles and reacts to today’s products, the 2200M Smart Servo Tyer is the best yet. Still providing the tightest and most economical closure this new line is sure to ‘tie up’ our customers’ packaging needs.”

The 2200M includes a holder/shear actuator that reduces adjustment while greatly reducing wear. Its modular design allows critical components to be changed out in one step.
Modifications include a completely redesigned brush assembly. “This new system focuses on improving the bag tail presentation into the tyer and incorporates a more forgiving setup to help increase efficiency and decrease downtime associated with presentation issues,” Mr. Miller said.
Burford designed the critical components of the 2200M to last longer, making the machine one that can be dependable for years with less maintenance. It also helps lower energy consumption.
For optimal performance, a minimum bag thickness of 1.25 mil is required.
Options include a digital display, package detection system, tagger, portable height adjustable stand, speed follow kit, bag vacuum kit, blower kit and conveyor.


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