Versatility and usage occasions

Tortillas are second only to white bread in popularity. They come in sizes that fit whatever usage possibility consumers can dream up. In a culture where families are pressed for time and searching for easy menu solutions, tortillas offer a portable and convenient alternative.

“Many consumers now opt for tortillas as wraps in place of traditional sandwich bread,” Ms. Nargang said. “Because of their versatility, they transcend food types and meal dayparts, and they are the perfect carrier to most any ingredient.”

Tortillas can be eaten plain or wrapped around various fillings. They are the food delivery vehicle not only for traditional Mexican foods like enchiladas, burritos, and tacos but also for many other non-traditional foods and dishes. Manufacturers are thinking outside the box producing tortillas that can be used for sandwich wraps, pitas, pizzas, breakfast meals and even desserts.

“Health consciousness is at play in tortillas as a stand-alone snack or for use in meal preparation,” Mr. Tamayo said. “They are very user-friendly for filling with healthy and wholesome ingredients.”