For baking and snack companies searching to improve sanitation, lower overhead and limit risk involving food safety, the latest Equipment & Plant Design Workshop for Allergen/Pathogen Control provides an opportunity to develop and enact the latest in quality assurance and control on the production floor. The workshop, to be held in Chicago Feb. 8-9, provides engineers, sanitarians and plant managers with the practical tools to understanding how proper equipment, plant and process design are fundamental to establishing good manufacturing practices and minimizing the risk of a costly recall.

Representatives from some of the nation’s largest food companies, as well as members of the Grocery Manufacturers Association, have been collaborating to enhance food safety for the entire industry. The widespread need for such a workshop prompted a consortium of associations and organizations — including the American Bakers Association, AIB International, American Society of Baking, Biscuit & Crackers Manufacturers Association, BEMA, Food Processing Suppliers Association, the National Confectioners Association, and the Snack Food Association — to join together to promote best practices for the production of low-moisture foods. Additionally, the workshop provides an essential checklist that every bakery and snack manufacturer may need to enhance food safety procedures and lower the risk of a costly recall.

Specifically, the workshop will focus on practical and proven approaches to cleaning, sanitary design, equipment layout and personnel requirements that use verifiable, economically sound and HACCP-supported processes. To registersign up online at AIB Internationalor call (800) 633-5137.