Assess. Implement. Monitor. AIM describes the three cornerstones to Orkin’s integrated pest management approach. Effective pest management is not a one-time experience but an ongoing process, according to Orkin, LLC, Atlanta, GA. It developed AIM as a way to cycle through these three critical activities to properly control pests.

Assess.First, pest specialists inspect, identify and evaluate the underlying reasons why pests infest a facility. Comprehensive inspections are used to detect any sanitation issues or structure conditions conducive to pests. Identification of pest activity reports any evidence of pest infestation. Risk evaluation is used to consider any reason the facility or its geography may be conducive to pest activity.

Implement.Because cookie-cutter pest management solutions are ineffective, the company’s pest specialists work with facilities to develop customized solutions to meet their needs. By focusing on prevention, the program can start with exclusion, sanitation and other nonchemical options. If products are needed to control pests, specialists will chose the most effective treatments with the least impact on the environment.

Also, Orkin offers sanitation consultations to ensure a facility’s cleaning efforts have a real impact on potential pest hot spots.

Monitor.During regular inspections, pest specialists look for signs of pest activity and pest-friendly conditions. And lastly, they document and communicate any issues after each visit, including services performed, pest activity and any recommendations.

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