Reliability and price are the two major concerns bakeries and snack manufacturers have regarding case handling equipment, according to Ed Collins, president of ELC Packaging Machine Co., Malvern, OH. “We have solved both of those issues with our PLC-controlled model ELC-PK-40 and our higher-speed model ELC-PK-40H18,” he said.

The most important advances in case handling equipment relates to PLC controls, high speeds and reliability, he said. The ELC-PK-40 case erector and bottom sealer, available in standard and custom sizes, is an “affordable and reliable solution for virtually any wholesale baking or snack plant,” Mr. Collins added. It is able to handle 12 cartons per minute. The newer ELC-PK-40H18 carton erector and bottom sealer has major performance improvements compared to the ELC-PK-40 and a speed of up to 18 cartons per minute.

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