In 1990, the Zizurkil, Spain-based Gashor was licensed by Winkler GmbH of Germany to manufacture both its Columbus deck oven and the Compact rack oven. “There are advantages and disadvantages to both systems,” said Cindy Chananie, president of Cinch Bakery Systems, LLC, Little Falls, NJ. “The Columbus Deck oven produces a thick, crusty artisan loaf, but it requires a loader and more labor to load/unload the oven. The Compact rack oven is much easier to load since the operator just pushes a rack into the oven but since rack ovens are basically large convection ovens, it’s not possible to get the same thick, crust like a deck oven.”

Thus, Gashor’s Chief Engineer Jose Luis Fernandez engineered a new oven that combined the two ovens into one. The Gashor Thermocar combination deck/rack oven is the only combination oven using the original Winker Cyclothermic technology, according to Ms. Chananie, whose company represents Gashor ovens in the US. Using this oven, bakers can load dough directly onto the hearth or pans of baguettes or other products.

“One significant difference in Gashor ovens is the ability to provide consistently even heat,” she said. “You will never need to shuffle product around on our deck ovens, rack ovens or convection ovens. Another significant difference is the ability to recover heat for long production runs. We hear customers complain all the time during the holidays that their existing oven needs 20 or 30 minutes between bakes to recover heat and steam capabilities. All Gashor ovens are designed for 24-hour baking, 7 days a week.”