Applying toppings isn’t the only way bakers can finish their products. Scoring and splitting loaves adds visual appeal, as do other marks and stamps in baked foods.

Food Process Automation, Grand Rapids, MI, helps bakers add value to their products by putting finishing marks on cookies. In a recent application, the company was asked to design an embossing machine that would duplicate the fork prints commonly put into a peanut butter cookie prior to baking them at home.

Burford Corp., Maysville, OK, offers a variety of different water splitters that can either make eye-catching decorative patterns or simplify consumption. The PS-2 pattern splitter can produce a variety of angled splits to make products stand out. For a more utilitarian offering, its CS-1 can split hoagie and dinner rolls as well as hot dog buns and more.

And for bakeries that require both, Burford offers a servo-driven pattern/cross-splitter that combines both of these processes into a single unit without increasing the overall footprint.