When Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group decided to increase the frying capacity capabilities of its systems, the Auburn, WA-based company set its sights on a partnership with JBT FoodTech, Chicago, IL. The company, known more for its protein frying equipment, manufactures fryers up to 44 ft in length, a definite increase in capacity to what Belshaw Adamatic had available.

“We met with them to see if we could marry their current fryer and a donut fryer, and we were very successful,” said Roger Faw, president, Belshaw Adamatic. The partnership has built a line for a c-store chain in Wisconsin that turns out 2,000 doz glazed donuts per hour. 

Belshaw Adamatic added its conveyor to the JBT fryer base to convert it into a donut fryer. With the longer fryer, bakers can increase capacity and produce more donuts. The fryer is heated with a thermal fluid system that is more efficient and maintains a uniform temperature better than direct heat systems. The thermal fluid system combined with a sediment-removal conveyor lengthens oil life.

According to Mr. Faw, JBT builds all the bases for Belshaw Adamatic’s industrial fryers now.