Bakeries using troughs for dough fermentation and handling may be used to overcrowding and just plain craziness with the movement of these vessels throughout the plant. Workhorse Automation, Oxford, PA, offers several options to assist with automatically moving them.

Workhorse’s single-level trough system automatically manages trough movements throughout the fermentation process to ensure a consistent product, according to Ken Mentch, the company’s sales manager. “Our single-level trough system has been designed with a trough movements performed by electric actuators, thus eliminating the need for any hydraulic systems within the fermentation room,” he added.

It also manufactures multi-level trough systems that feature all of the benefits of its single-level systems yet with additional conveniences. The multi-level systems require even less floor space by storing troughs vertically and can serve multiple production lines with one system, Mr. Mentch explained. These systems eliminate the need for trough hoists, delivering the final dough from the mixer and into the divider hopper. 

“The most important characteristics and features of our sponge-and-dough handling systems is with our multi-level systems where overall system floor space is reduced by going vertical, trough hoists are eliminated, multiple production lines are served by one system, variable fermentation times are provided and the automated system manages sponge times, which helps bring out fully developed sponges providing consistency to the dough,” he said.