Built-in dust collection systems work to prevent dust before it becomes a plant issue.

“For improved dust control, one option is a bag collection chute for empty bags,” said Russell Nadicksbernd, sales and marketing, AZO, Inc., Memphis, TN.

Empty bags are never removed from the hopper, and therefore, any residual material inside the bag can’t be released into the environment.

Modern dust collectors incorporate self-cleaning technology that keeps them operating efficiently for long periods of time with little to no maintenance. “The heart and key to the efficient operation of any dust collector are the bags or cartridges used in the filter section,” said Mike Palmer, general manager, KB Systems, Inc., Bangor, PA. “This technology varies widely, so do your research or you’ll be changing filters or bags often.”

Dust collectors can either be integrated into the dump station itself or remotely located depending on the application. “Shick dust collectors allow quick changeover in minutes and require no tools, which means less downtime and greater flexibility in handling various materials,” said Cam Martin, Midwest sales manager, Shick USA, Kansas City, MO. All work is performed outside the envelope of the housing, which eliminates confined space entry. The filters can be wet-washed and reused multiple times.

The Fred D. Pfening Co., Columbus, OH, integrated bag dump dust collection into unloading units, resulting in better dust collection and smaller equipment footprints.

“Use of Teflon-coated cartridges improves efficiency and extends cleaning cycles,” said Bill Kearns, the company’s vice-president, engineering.