While bakeries may stock wear parts for certain pieces of equipment, they certainly can’t warehouse all the various pieces for each system they run. Consequently, the parts departments of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) play a primary role in providing quality customer support.

“We view our parts personnel as ‘customer advocates’ who go the extra mile to get the customer what he or she needs,” said Jim Makins, senior account manager, Stewart Systems, Inc., Plano, TX. “We have people on call after hours and on weekends to address true emergencies.”

While it also relies on expedited shipping methods as necessary, occasionally, Stewart Systems has sped delivery even more by taking parts to plants local to its facility, Mr. Makins added.

Burford Corp., Maysville, OK, offers overnight and same-day shipping if needed and possible. “Many times we have had to take a part to the airport to put on a plane to send same day to a customer,” said Clay Miller, sales engineer, Burford.

Sometimes the OEM doesn’t have all parts in stock. “When parts orders come in that require manufacturing, they receive priority over normal production, so the parts are shipped as soon as practical,” said Bill Kearns, vice-president of engineering, The Fred D. Pfening Co., Columbus, OH. However, the company’s full-time spare parts experts also stock all commonly ordered parts, he added.